Reading techniques

You can consult the PicTarot® with any questions you might have or issues that are preying on your mind. However, a question that requires a simple “yes” or “no” will get you nowhere. The same goes for complex information you might be interested in sourcing – the cards will not reveal addresses, names, phone or credit card numbers, for example. Where the PicTarot® and its mystical powers can help you, however, is in deciphering your unconscious, gaining clarity about your current situation and your future path, and helping you to discover the hidden answers you carry within yourself.


One Card Revelation

Ask yourself about the consequences of a future action or decision you are about to make, reflect a little and select one card. Concentrate. Turn the cards over and let the revelation unfold. The PicTarot®’s answer may not satisfy you fully, but it will give you an initial direction to bear in mind.


The Next Step

The Next Step enables you to ask questions about small, concrete decisions you are determined to take in the near future, and inquire about their short-term consequences. The positions will be read as:

CARD I - Where your action will inevitably lead you.

CARD II - What would happen if you were to hold back and do absolutely nothing.


As soon as you have snapped into action, you can return to the deck immediately and consult the cards again concerning your subsequent steps. This Next Step technique is of very powerful guidance through the queries and multiple crossroad choice of every-day life, but should not be consulted more than 15 times per hour.


The Cross

The Cross is one of the more basic, but nonetheless intriguing laying techniques, requiring you to choose 4 cards from the deck. It will help you make a more complex decision and picture the consequences. The positions of the cards have following meaning:


CARD I symbolises your concern or current situation and how you are feeling about it.

CARD II is a warning. Don’t follow the direction indicated or symbolised by this card! Negative energy!

CARD III is a revelation. The PicTarot® suggests that you follow the direction of the 3rd card. Positive!

CARD IV symbolises what will happen and where the decision indicated by the 3rd card can lead you.

Turning over the first card will most likely surprise you, but it helps you to get a better understanding of your inner concern. The second and third cards correspond to one another and should be read in conjunction. The fourth card cannot be read in isolation, but only as a consequence of the others.


My Relationship

This is the classic laying technique for investigating your relationship with another person, preferably of a mutual, amorous or erotic nature. But don’t hesitate to translate this to any close partner (human or otherwise) about whom you want a better understanding. It might be wise not to lay the cards in the presence of your beloved, in order to draw your conclusions without restraint. Choose seven cards from the stack and lay them down as follows:



CARD I is the indicator for the general mood, theme and atmosphere of your relationship and/or symbolises the question you are about to ask.

The left column represents you, the right column represents your partner:

CARDS II & III will reveal what you consciously think about the other person and the relationship.

CARDS IV & V show your true, hidden feelings towards one another. They indicate what you long for in your heart – your emotions, hopes and fears concerning your beloved and your relationship.

CARDS VI & VII represent the reality of what you are currently communicating. Your external appearance, the actual signals you are sending off and the actions you are taking towards one another will most likely differ somewhat from your feelings.

This procedure will allow you to understand the problems in which you are unwittingly involved. Unlike other laying techniques, My Relationship will not offer you a clear answer or advice, but it will help to draw a complex and multilayered picture of your overall situation. You will need to open your mind and reflect on the entire constellation of cards before arriving at a conclusion. With a little practice, however, the cards will start to tell you very clearly what the two of you feel for and want from one another. And why the hell this has always differed so drastically from the actions you have actually taken.